INRALS: ready to conquer the world

December 19, 2013

Brussels, December 19, 2013

INRALS, the growing international network of recruitment and outsourcing agencies in Life Sciences, has developed into a serious, global network organization, wherein member countries join forces, share clients, information and candidates and work on international tenders for their global clientele.

INRALS agencies are high quality and independent. This evokes a high spirit, drive and energy, pride and a great result driven atmosphere. Working with agencies alike, all over the world, has proven to be successful in international tendering,

On January 31 and February 1, 2014, the members of INRALS (international network of recruitment agencies in Life Sciences) will meet in Brussels, Belgium.
Hosted by one of the initiators, Vandycke – Partners, the member states of this highly effective and rapidly growing network will meet and discuss possibilities to maximize cooperation.

INRALS, initiated in 2012 by Michel Vandycke and Jan Derks (Derks & Derks, Netherlands), brings together Recruitment and Outsourcing Agencies that are active in Life Sciences.
Companies associated with INRALS have strong links with pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. These agencies are characterized by high success rates, quality procedures, stability, proven track records, profound knowledge of the markets they serve and high moral standards.

INRALS offers clients of members a fast and high quality entrance to the global labour market in which talent is scarce. Candidates get the opportunity to enter a global Life Sciences market where their ambitions can flourish.

The INRALS members are agencies where the owner usually is still active. Where recruitment, selection and outsourcing are considered craftsmanship and where entrepreneurship is tangible.

Associated members are global players, stepping over the regional boundaries. Members participate in international tenders, exchange knowledge and expertise and may in the future combine their databases with thousands of candidates, a website with all international vacancies in Life Sciences etc.

Contact details:
Derks & Derks BV
Attn J. Derks
Databankweg 12a
+ 31 33 4728087