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INRALS – International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences

Initiated in 2012 by Jan Derks (Derks & Derks) and Michel Vandycke, INRALS brings together Recruitment and Outsourcing Agencies that are active in Life Sciences. In today’s global markets, multinationals exhibit a strong preference for internationally organized recruitment agencies, which forms a significant challenge to nationally organized agencies. INRALS aims to meet this challenge by providing a platform for international collaboration as well as informal exchange of know-how and experience.

Companies associated with INRALS have strong links with pharmaceutical, medical and food industries.  These  agencies are characterized by high success rates, quality procedures, stability, proven track records, profound knowledge of the markets they serve and high moral standards.

INRALS members participate in international tenders, have quick access to an international network of recruitment professionals and candidates and exchange knowledge and expertise in recruitment, selection and outsourcing. Possibilities are endless: a database with thousands of candidates, a website with all international vacancies in Life Sciences…

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