INRALS spreads its wings

May 1, 2017

INRALS presents itself to the world: all 26 members have sent an e-mailing to about 50 international oriented clients each, to inform them about the great possibilities and advantages of working with 150 Life Sciences Specialized consultants worldwide. Below you can read the text all INRALS Members used to spread our wings:

Our global reach in Life Sciences Recruitment

Dear client,

The labor market is becoming more and more internationalized, and talent is not bound by regions. Good to know your local specialist in life sciences recruitment can help you meet this challenge! As a Member of INRALS we can offer you tailor-made recruitment solutions on a global scale.

INRALS is a worldwide network of owner-managed specialist agencies in life sciences. All INRALS Members are carefully selected and share the same characteristics and values:
• Passion
• Trust
• Knowledge
• Network
• Relationship
• Agility
• Quality
• Experience
• Reputation

A few months ago we attended the fourth General Assembly of INRALS in Milan, strengthening our network, exchanging market knowledge and best practices, forming new alliances and intensifying our collaboration. All of this to offer you broader, high quality, worldwide recruitment services.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details. I would be happy to tell you more about INRALS and the great opportunities of our international network.
Meanwhile, I invite you to visit, have a look at our member page and those of our great fellow members, read testimonials and discover the widespread global representation of INRALS.

I would love to hear your opinion!

Kind regards,
[Signed by INRALS Member]