Success story: Head of Quality Europe

January 14, 2019

Efficient recruitment of international talent thanks to INRALS network

The recruitment process of highly skilled senior executives for global companies can be very time-consuming. This success story shows how INRALS Members ageneo Life Science Experts from Germany and Latin America Executive Search Consultants (USA) combined their local expertise and the global reach of the INRALS network for the efficient and successful recruitment of a Head of Quality Europe.

The starting point: in the context of expansion, a global pharmaceutical company had acquired a German pharmaceutical company and was looking for a Head of Quality Europe for the new location. INRALS Member Latin America Executive Search Consultants had been given this assignment. However, as local industry expertise was needed, as required by such mandates, they contacted ageneo and asked for assistance.

The solution: an intensive briefing took place together between the INRALS Members, the client and the subsidiary in Germany. The requirements for the candidates were determined and the parameters of the framework such as the schedule and the budget were defined. The added value of INRALS and this cooperation convinced the client, so we could proceed with united strength.

The advantages spoke for themselves:

  • The INRALS network at its best: collaboration triggered by Latin America Executive Search Consultants
  • Local industry expertise through ageneo
  • Local candidate network by ageneo
  • Specific knowledge on the German candidate and industrial market
  • Quick identification of suitable candidates

after a successful job briefing, we defined a detailed requirement profile and started the search for suitable candidates. Thanks to our excellent network, we were able to quickly propose five suitable candidates to the customer, of which four candidates were invited to the interview, of which in turn three candidates were invited to the final interviews. Eventually, one of the presented candidates received the job offer, which he also accepted.

Result: thanks to the effective and efficient global and local cooperation, we were able to successfully fill this key position within just three months.

Conclusion: the international network of contacts and local industry expertise of each INRALS Member enables us to quickly and purposefully fill challenging positions on the international stage.