Third General Assembly INRALS great success

October 12, 2015

The third General Assembly of INRALS in Amsterdam, October 9 and 10, was a great success. The attending member countries shared information, vision, market intelligence and thoughts on how to proceed the network and make it work even better. The members from all over the world inspired each other with best practices and enhanced the quality of their agencies even more further.

During the General Assembly many topics were addressed. Recruitment agencies in all countries encounter comparable issues and by discussing this in the open, new solutions to challenges were generated. Naturally new successes were shared, like the first global contract that opens inspiring ways of collaborating and shows the world that the INRALS network is capable of delivering the right professionals for all Life Sciences related positions.

The INRALS network is of great value for all members. It lifts agencies from a local player level to a global player level. It brings extremely relevant information and enhances the quality of working processes of the member agencies. Besides the fact that INRALS members help each other out in finding candidates and clients, the global tenders and the thrill of being a member of a niche network of the best players in Life Sciences are major assets as well.

Naturally the social element was at least as important as the ‘business component’. Connecting face to face builds trust and makes collaborations much easier, more fluent and more fun! The members of the first hour blended perfectly with the new members. During a canal dinner boat, Amsterdam by night was shown and the connection of the attendees was deepened.

The Assembly set clear targets in which countries INRALS wants to grow in and set a location for the next General Assembly at the Italian member Pharma Point in Milan.
For all attendees, the owners/managers of the agencies, it was an inspiring experience to be with like minded entrepreneurs with passion and energy for the business, with shared clients and ambition. The 150 Life Sciences professionals of the network are ready to serve your recruitment needs.

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