INRALS General Assembly 2020: strong ambitions remain

October 30, 2020

Although the Covid-19 circumstances continue to place members for many challenges, the INRALS General Assembly was held in good spirits with unabated ambition to keep improving our joint top quality global recruitment services in Life Sciences. The planned ‘live’ meeting in Luzern had to be postponed to 2021, but two Zoom meetings – hosted by Swiss member Hölzle, Buri & Partner Consulting – provided a both pleasant and valuable alternative.

In addition to the regular topics such as finance, a look at the successful collaborations, knowledge sharing and marketing, the network formally welcomed the two new Brazilian member agencies that joined INRALS this year: Captativa and Life Recruiting. Both agencies presented themselves in person to their twenty fellow members and showed their expertise, experience and great enthusiasm to be part of INRALS. INRALS is delighted to have these two high quality agencies on board and is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation. That being said, the ambitions to keep expanding INRALS’s already excellent global coverage was once more confirmed.

Diversity and unity
Key theme of this General Assembly was the future course of INRALS. Members held an insightful and fruitful discussion about the strength of diversity between the local members and the advantages of showing our common characteristics to the global Life Sciences market. They addressed the challenges of offering more uniform global services, where for example in many cases local regulations, market structures and habits require a more tailored approach. The success of INRALS lies in finding the right balance between these market demands and joining forces both on a global and regional level to offer the best possible recruitment services to our clients. Members agreed to maintain this course, with an open eye for expansion opportunities on a geographical and services level.

In light of the Covid-19 situation, the atmosphere of this General Assembly was one of strong unity, mutual trust and optimism for the prospect of getting back to business as usual, somewhere next year. Meanwhile INRALS member continue to adapt where necessary to keep cooperating to best serve their global clients and look forward to meeting again in Luzern 2021.