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Recruitment 2020, atypical year

January 25, 2021 - INRALS Member: CDG Conseil

Until the first quarter, the trend was upward for headhunting firms active in the management and executive search market. Covid restrictions will undoubtedly rebalance activities between recruitment, outsourcing for flexibility and organizational evaluation and coaching to bounce back. While the market is showing signs of recovery, some areas continue to generate jobs while others are opening up for new profiles: pharmacy sales, digital marketing and customer experience, but also clinical affairs, regulations and quality, without forgetting e-health, bioinformatics and AI.

Cédric de Groulard (CDG Conseil):
“Towards more flexibility and HR needs on a project-based approach ”
Fifteen years after its creation, CDG Conseil has around fifteen employees between Paris and Lyon, affiliated within an international INRALS network of 250 consultants specializing in life sciences.
“We support our clients in the healthcare industries, clinics and care establishments in adopting new professions, new skills and anticipating changes brought about by the concentration and globalization of players and purchases. What we notice this year is the continued consolidation in the pharmaceutical and medtech sector, with innovation that remains dynamic on the side of start-ups and investment funds. The recruitment of engineers is therefore maintained at a high level for the positions of R&D, production, technical (CTO) and operations (COO) directors. While sales functions continue to lose speed, clinical, regulatory and quality business job profiles are in high demand to streamline the product portfolio and meet new European standards. Laboratories must demonstrate the added value of their product and optimize the benefit / risk for the patient. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reveal its potential in health, in particular to improve existing devices. New professions are appearing such as data scientists or analysts to make the most of useful data. By integrating digital and automation, marketing is also becoming more targeted and personalized to reach ever more specific market segments. The partnership with our customers is reinforced during this crisis. We have recruited scientific profiles internally to better understand the ongoing developments. We respond to our customers’ growing need for flexibility through outsourcing or interim management. These developments are part of a global trend in favor of more flexibility and methods based on a project approach. At the same time, individual or group coaching takes on its full meaning in supporting existing teams in change processes.”

Source: this article is an excerpt from the French magazine ‘Pharmaceutiques’, December 2020, in which several executive search firms shared their vision on recruitment in Covid-19 times.