The hard work of finding top talent

October 6, 2018 - INRALS Member: The Weatherhills Group

When you enlist the services of a recruiter, they become sales representatives, marketers, and ambassador for your company. You trust that when they talk to candidates they will be accurate and informative. And to be most effective, you need them to convey a complete picture with meaningful, detailed information about your company and the opportunity.

Unfortunately, this degree of thoroughness is less often the case than you might expect. Recruiters rushing to get candidates submitted to hiring managers often don’t take time to adequately research their client’s company. And often they don’t fully understand the job requirements along with the culture, manager’s key preferences and the broader opportunity perspectives. This is especially true when companies open up their searches to multiple recruiters for the same job opening.

We often hear from candidates that our recruiters at Weatherhills Group know more about our client companies than 95% of the other recruiters they talk to. This is because we work hard to obtain and understand all the pertinent facts about your product offering, culture, stakeholder expectations and your competitive environment. This work is built into our process, never skipped, and includes extra steps when we are the sole recruiter.

We have adhered to this practice since we began recruiting in 2000, and while it means more work, we know it makes a significant difference. With our process, we are able to represent our clients more accurately—say what they would say—and provide candidates with a more complete understanding of the opportunity. The result is more precise screening, more candidates who are better able to objectively determine if the opportunity is right for them, and clients spending less time interviewing. And most importantly, our process substantially improves the likelihood that our clients will make good-fit hires that will be long-lasting top performers.

Your company works hard to develop its brand and positive reputation. When you enlist the support of a recruiter you need to have confidence they will honor and bolster that image. Your company’s success hinges on making the right hires. When you work with a recruiter you need confidence they are consistently finding the best candidates. The first step in gaining that confidence is knowing that your recruiter is doing the essential work needed to understand and convey the complete picture about your company and the opportunity.